Wednesday 10 June 2015

Beatle Fan Volunteers needed for Cross the Scan Art Project

The Cross the Scan international art project is the brainchild of two French artists known as “les Nivaux”.

They have painstakingly scanned piece by piece the famous Abbey Road Zebra crossing in London.  The 400 scans when joined together can fully recreate the crossing in any location.  

Beginning in October 2015, the giant image will be installed in famous places of the biggest cities in the world such as Paris, Roma, London, Liverpool, Berlin, Hong Kong, NY, Mexico, Montevideo, Sydney, Tokyo,  and Peking. 

For the project to succeed, they need help.  They are seeking volunteers from all around the world to help to help.  If you are interested, contact them by email or on their Facebook page.

The video below gives more information about the project.
Cross the Scan, Art Project on Abbey Road... by lesnivaux

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