Thursday 18 June 2015

Shopping with the BBFC just got easier!

The British Beatles Fan club is dedicated to helping our fans discover new books, music and films about the Beatles.  Each issue of our magazine is chock full of reviews of all the new releases with information about how to find those items for purchase.

Today we are launching a new BBFC Beatles Shop where you can easily find load of Beatles related books, DVDs, CDs, vinyl records, and just about anything else related to the Beatles.  The home page of the shop highlights those items reviewed in the most recent issue of our magazine making it easy to do one-stop shopping.  As a bonus, because Amazon host the shop, the BBFC earns a referral royalty with every purchase from the shop helping us to keep membership rates in check.  It is a win-win solution.

All BBFC items including back issues of magazines are still available on our website directly as well.

Happy Shopping!


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