Monday 10 August 2015


Actors from around Merseyside, The Wirral and Cheshire are coming together to fulfil the nine roles for the Fab Fourth year of plays inspired by the lives and songs of The Beatles.

Over the four years the Ticket to Write Festival has attracted over 80 plays about Liverpool’s favourite sons.

The actors, seven woman and two men, will perform one-act plays by Patrick Maguire from Litherland, Maureen Brady Johnson from Oberlin, Ohio, and Rob Taylor from South West London.

They will be performed at Liverpool’s Unity Theatre on Friday and Saturday 16 and 17 October and judged by theatre professionals and the audiences. The winning writer will take home £150.
Jane Hamlet who is Mimi Smith in You Are Lennon

The event is produced by Jamie Gaskin, who created The Ticket to Write Festival. The Artistic Director is Rio Matchett who has chosen for her Guest Director Kate Treadell, both of whom have been selected for the Liverpool Everyman/Playhouse Young Directors’ course.

Jess Imrie, who has recently graduated from LIPA, is to design the sets.

Patrick’s play “You Are Lennon” is about the relationship between John Lennon’s mother Jude, father Freddy and Auntie Mimi and the upbringing of young John. It reflects the multi-parenting John had as a child.

Eryl Lloyd Parry - plays a priest in Face in a Jar
Maureen’s entry “Stalking the Beatles” is a comedy about four female fans whose devotion to the Fab Four is tested with an overnight vigil outside the hotel where The Beatles are staying.

Rob’s offering entry, “Face in a Jar”, is inspired by a haunting Beatles’ song about the long relationship between two people who, it seems, hardly knew each other at all.

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