Thursday 24 March 2016

Terrific Podcast about the Beatles with a mention of the BBFC

Last summer a group of fans including the team who run the fan club were going out for a Mad Day Out exploring Beatles locations.  Just days before our membership secretary had randomly met a man in Marylebone Station who had been asking questions about the Beatles' connection with the station.  She discovered this man, Christian Swain, was doing research of a podcast for The Rock and Roll Archeology Project and she invited him and his partner Amy to join us on our planned Mad Day Out.

They did join us and and late in the day they also interviewed us each about our personal discovery of the Beatles and the impact to our lives.

Fast forward 6 months and the excellent podcast is on the air and he has reached the Beatles in his timeline.

We highly recommend this podcast about the history of Rock and Roll and we are very proud that some of our comments from those interviews are included in episode 8 which was just released.

Visit their homepage to list to all the episodes.


  1. Hi there BBFCers, I'm Richard Evans, along with Christian Swain I write the RNRAP. Just wanted to say there's a lot of BBFC in this show. Even if you don't hear it explicitly in the narrative, believe me, it's there. I listened over and over to all those interviews C did with you folks, and those wonderful British voices I heard, that passion for The Beatles--indeed, for all things Rock N Roll--well, our 8th episode is just shot through with it. So as far as I'm concerned, BBFC gets a co-writer credit on our latest episode! Thanks and best wishes from Northern California, US of A!