Sunday 9 October 2016

Deadline is next weekend. Send in your photos!

We've had a nice lot of photos submitted but not enough to make the calendar happen. One week left.  The calendar can't happen without more photos.
The British Beatles Fan Club is cooking up a new project for our members and it will only work with your help.

It has been a big year for Beatles events.  Not only have Paul and Ringo both been touring but many of our members have attended festivals, tribute concerts, stage productions and film premieres all over the world.

We know you took pictures of you and your friends throughout the year and we thought it would be a fab idea to gather these photos together into a BBFC calendar for 2017.

This will be a two step effort:

  • Part 1: We need to collect enough photos.  So start sending them in today.  Email them to with the title "Calendar Photos". 
  • Part 2: Assuming we receive enough photo contributions, we will advertise for calendar pre-orders.  We will need a minimum number of orders to keep the price down and if we get enough pre-orders, we will produce the calendar filled with your photos of you and your fellow BBFC members.

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