Friday 23 September 2016

Hand painted replicas of 1960's Beatles poster by the man who did the originals

Back in August we alerted our readers to an exhibition of posters in Liverpool recreated by the man who did the originals.  During International Beatleweek we visited the exhibit and it was absolutely wonderful!

In the 1960's Tony Booth was the original artist for The Beatles and Brian Epstein where he produced hundreds of the original gig posters and signs round Liverpool during the Merseybeat era.

At the time when the gigs were over,  they would be ripped down off the walls and replaced with the next one for the next week.  No one at the time realized that they were valuable memorabilia. Only one original has miraculously survived.

Lucky for us, the artist, Tony Booth, has painstakingly recreated each and every hand painted poster all over again.  These hand painted posters are available for sale but also available are signed prints made from the hand painted versions.

At the exhibit it was fascinating wandering around and reading each poster and admiring the skill and precision of Mr. Booth's work.  We also watched a video which you can watch below.

The exhibit will end this month but the posters can still be viewed and purchased from his website. Please have a look.

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