Wednesday 23 November 2016

Review: Visualising the Beatles - It's a winner!

By John Pring & Rob Thomas
Orphans Publishing; ISBN 9 781903 360163

With every new Beatles book these days, my first thought is always - is there anything new or different about this one?

Well here we have a new book, bringing The Beatles into the 21st century with a book that tells their story via the 14 studio albums from “Please Please Me” to “Let it Be”.

The book is filled with wonderful infographics and gives key information about each album such as who wrote which song, the chart positions of the album in various countries across the world, how many lead vocals each Beatle had, and which key each song is played in to name but a few.

Once you work out how the book works, it becomes an easy reference book for any Beatles fan.
Combined with a timeline of what was happening in the world when each album was released, this makes for an interesting read.

The book includes a small piece of the Greek islands The Beatles were planning to buy in 1967 as well as a list of albums made by each solo Beatle and a list (in very small print as there are so many) of stars who have covered Beatles songs, which is probably already out of date as I write this as someone somewhere is probably recording one right now!

For those Beatle fans who know the story inside out, there is still something to learn from the book.
However, I feel this book will have great appeal to any new generation Beatle fan as it tells their story simply and includes these wonderful infographics and data which would appeal to certainly the younger generation of today, and even some of us oldies.

At 250 pages this is well written and researched and I’m sure will be a smash hit with Beatle fans both young and old.

~ Ernie Sutton

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