Tuesday 17 September 2019

Issue 71 - Out Now!

Our latest issue is on its way to subscribers.  The September 2019 issue is overflowing with fun and informative articles and reviews.  We are sure you will enjoy it!  Non-members can order a copy from our website here.

                                                                      Issue 71 (September 2019) includes:
  • The Beatles A Day In The Life
  • Coming Up-Forthcoming Events
  • Media Watch
  • Abbey Road - The Beatles Finale
  • The Beatles 50 Years Ago, a reflection
  • The Beatles Not For Sale
  • George Harrison and the Goodwood Festival
  • John Lennon and Elton John
  • Politics of John Lennon - Part 7
  • The Last Beatles Song?
  • Beatle Boots
  • Paperback Writer
  • Try Some, Buy Some-New Releases
  • Fab Four at the Movies
  • Offers and Discounts
  • As I Write This Letter
  • Crap Photos of the Month

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