Wednesday 12 January 2022

"Lost John" recording celebrates 30 years of Beat Archiv

Our friends at Glauchau Beat Archiv have released a unique vinyl single "Lost John" with musicians like:

  • Rod Davis who played in John's first band, The Quarrymen
  • Chas Newby who who has worked with all four Beatles (Bass)
  • Karsten Steinert from "Die Strawberries" (drums)
  • Edmund Thielow, the owner of Beat Archive (Washboard)

This single was produced to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Beat Archiv and it is limited to 250 copies. It was released on January 10th.

The song itself was first recorded and released in 1925 but was later more famously recorded and released by Lonnie Donegan's Skiffle group in 1956.

This version was performed in 2020 at a live event and recorded.

If you have more questions about this recording, please contact Edmund Thielow at


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