Thursday 28 July 2022



By Michael Leavy.

ISBN 9798839469068

£8.99 Available on Amazon. (Search Beatles Michael Leavy).


This new novel combines fact with fiction.

The book centres around the character Desmond Jones (not the same Desmond as in the song ‘Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da), who discovers a time travel device taking him back in time to places where he can visit The Beatles.

The book starts in 1980 with Desmond at Bath University where he meets a Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac) lookalike called Molly!

Desmond loves The Beatles and chats to Molly on their first date about them and how he hoped they would re-unite. Molly talks about global warming. They continue to date for a while before Molly leaves which breaks Desmond’s heart.

We then move forward to the year 2000 where Desmond and his brother look at The Beatles Anthology book. Michael isn’t that keen!

Desmond is then off on his adventures after finding a time machine.

He ends up in Hamburg in 1960 and meets The Beatles. The chapters move between current day (where his friends and family initially wonder where Desmond is) to where he has travelled to back in time.

The time machine brings him back to the current day, before he is off again with more Beatle adventures, ending up at Shea Stadium, Abbey Road Studios, Tittenhurst Park and more. The scene is dependant on what music is playing at the time.

Molly re-appears as a time traveling agent who has to ensure that Desmond, or any time travellers, do not change the course of history.

Brilliantly written. For those who like The Beatles, a bit of sci-fi and who generally like interesting stories, this book is for you.

I could go on, but don’t want to spoil this for our readers.


~Ernie Sutton

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