Sunday 7 August 2022

Review: Soho Hustle by Gordon Lewis

 Gordon Lewis- self published

ISBN 9788428504316


Available on Amazon, and Kindle.


The story is set in 1980s London.

Still a great hub for the music scene Cyril Gold has an office in Soho. Time is running out for him. The bills are building up and there is no money coming in.

Cyril is a distant relative of Brian Epstein, who built a vast music empire with stars from Liverpool in the 1960s. Cyril wants to emulate Brian and build a large empire of music stars. However, no one is coming through the door.

Working as a DJ at weekends to try and make ends meet.

His luck is about to change when Roxy goes to his office. Suddenly he’s making money and taking on more artists. Meanwhile Roxy is struggling to deal with her overnight success and falls into the drug scene.

Cyril has to use all his skills and keep his nerve to keep his empire together.

Whilst not a book about The Beatles, and the only reference is to Brian Epstein (the main characters a distant relative), it is a very good read and captures what the 1980s music scene was about in London.

Very well written, with each chapter making reference to various songs from the 80s.

If you want to know what the music business was about in the 1980s, just read this book.

~Ernie Sutton.




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