Monday 14 May 2012

Beatles Items at Auctions

Some of you may have seen posts over the internet or on facebook about the forthcoming auction at Kerry Auction Rooms in Ireland.

One of the prize lots is a an original Aer Lingus inflight menu, from November 1 1963, which the auction house claims was signed by all four members of the band for one of the flight attendants. The estimate on this item is between 4000 and 6000 euros.

However, as some of our eagle-eyed members pointed out when they first saw the news of this item, the signatures are not all that they appear. At least two Beatles experts, including the BBFC's own Pete Nash, have confirmed that Paul's signature was not done by Macca.

It was, in fact, signed by John!

As soon as we realised, the BBFC contacted Kerry Auction Rooms, but the listing has not been changed.

In this case, the buyer will still receive a treasured piece of Beatles memorabilia, but it also serves as a warning. If you are considering buying an expensive item from anywhere, it is always worth getting a second opinion to verify authenticity and provenance. A good seller or auction house will not mind if you do this, particularly for items that are valued at thousands of pounds!

Indeed, if you are considering purchasing a set of autographs from auction, the recommendation of the BBFC is that you wait for the Beatles Auction that takes place in Liverpool in August (during Beatle Week).  For more details on this auction, visit the website by clicking here


It's come to our attention that the Kerry Auction Rooms are implying that the experts that we consulted do not know what they're talking about.  As further evidence for our conclusions, check out this website:
It shows a full set of Beatle autographs done by John, and the 'Paul' signature looks very familiar to us.

Remember, the point of our post was that any GOOD auction house will allow the buyer to independently verify any of the items bought.  

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