Wednesday 8 August 2012

New Album from Beatles Artist Shannon!

There seems to be no end to Shannon's talents!

When Shannon was chosen to provide the artwork for the Hard Day's Night Hotel in Liverpool, her status as arguably the best Beatles artist in the world was assured.

But as well as producing fabulous artwork, Shannon is now producing great music too.  And her new album, Red Pyramids and Blue Sky includes a special tribute to Liverpool.  Fire Crimson Rose, which features The Dovedale School Choir as well as Denny Laine and Dennis Ferrante, is a hauntingly beautiful track, as is her version of Tomorrow Never Knows.  All the tracks on her album are well worth a listen though!

To listen to Fire Crimson Rose, or any of the tracks from Red Pyraminds and Blue Sky follow this link:

To find out more about Shannon, her art and music, visit her website by clicking HERE

by Shannon
Featuring Liverpool, England's Dovedale Children's Choir

It’s cold down town New Brighton
The wind burns hard on his face
He worked all day in the shipyard
Tryin’ to make an earnest pay
When he’d head home…he was so tired
Working his fingers to the bone
For Jane he’d stop – and buy a Fire Crimson Rose

She met him down by the Mersey
They married back in ‘Frisco Bay
In nine months time Jane had Jenny
They named her after Brad’s old flame
One night he lost the wheel. Again so tired.
The angels came and took him away
Janie lost – Her best friend that day.

Janie mourns the sunlight by the coast
And she brings lots of Fire Crimson Roses

Now Janie and Jenny, bound together,
They’d walk the bricks on Mathew Street
And visit a lane called, “Penny”
Then head down to the docks to eat
When they got home…Jane was so tired
And choking back the tears that she owned
Little Jenny stopped – and bought a Fire Crimson Rose

Janie mourns the sunlight by the coast
And she brings lots of Fire Crimson Roses

It still gets cold in New Brighton
The shipyard’s gone without a trace
As Jenny walks beside the Mersey
She remembers what her Daddy would say
When life gets you down and you’re so tired
Buy yourself a Crimson Rose
And laugh at life…then find your way back home

Jenny mourns the sunlight - By the coast
She brings lots of Fire Crimson Roses
Jenny mourns the sunlight - her father’s ghost
She brings lots of Fire Crimson Roses

Steve Holley: Drums
Denny Laine : Acoustic Guitar
Lou Pucci: Electric Guitars
Chase Hamilton: Bagpipes
Dennis Ferrante: Backing Vocals
Liverpool's Dovedale Choir (Children)
SHANNON: Lead and Backing Vocals, 4 String B
ass, Piano, Synths, Orchestra and Bagpipe Arrangements
**Mixed by Jeff Wallace at The Jam Room Music Complex

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