Friday 28 September 2012

New Book on George Harrison by Kevin Roach

George Harrison - 

That's The Way God Planned It 

Kevin Roach 

This new book by author Kevin Roach (The McCartneys In The Town Where They Were Born and The Beatles Living In The Eye Of The Hurricane) is a fascinating look at the family history of George Harrison, starting in the year 1902 with the marriage of George's Grandparents, this book delves deep into the history than any other book.

The author, who has worked on the research of the Martin Scorsese film 'Living In A Material World' looks into George early childhood, and covers the major events in George's life, and takes you on a journey which explains how George was the driving force within The Beatles.

For more details and to view the first two chapters of 'George Harrison - That's The Way God Planned It' click here:

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  1. Would pick it up straight away based on Kevins previous books on the Fabs ! Plus The title just happens to be one of my Favorite Apple Singles to.