Thursday 21 March 2013

Buying at Auctions -- An Update

Last year, we noticed an set of autographs for sale by an auction house in Ireland. The auction house claimed that the card contained a full set of autographs, but we pointed out that the 'Paul' autograph had actually been done by John. We received some quite angry communications from the auction house, doubting our word and criticising us for suggesting that ANY item bought from an auction should be independently verified. It was therefore very interesting when we noticed that the set of autographs is once more for sale (by a different auctioneer, but with the same original seller) and with the description now corrected:

Our original point was that, if you are considering buying something from an auction, you should always get it independently verified and no reputable auctioneers will object to that. That point still stands, and we applaud this auction house for taking the trouble to verify the autographs on this card. We think it's a great item!

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  1. The Paul autograph is so obvious to any Beatle fan that it isn't his hand and how the original auction house could claim it was a full set is a mystery to me, and I'm no expert on handwriting.
    Please members and all members be careful when purchasing so called autographs- a full set of 4 is in fact quite rare as the fabs would quite often sign for each other and the original fan club offices were so innundated with requests many so called autographs were sent but signed by office staff who became quite good at the fabs signatures. The above is still a great irem though as it does contain 3 valid signatures and Paul's in the hand of John which in itself is fab isn't it?

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