Monday 3 June 2013


Rehearsals are now well under way for this year’s Ticket to Write Festival, the international contest for plays all about The Beatles being staged at Liverpool’s Unity Theatre on Tuesday July 30.

But first the organizers are holding a fun-packed Benefit night to help raise cash for this event which not only showcases the works of new writers but parades the talents of young actors from the North West.

“We’re laying on music, including lots of Beatles’ stuff, other live entertainment, quizzes and even trailers from some of the eight plays chosen for the contest. It’s a great way to have fun and back local artists. Three of the writers come from Merseyside,” said Jamie Gaskin, Festival Director.

The event is being held at Studio 2 at Parr Street Studios, Liverpool, on Thursday June 27 and the 10 pound tickets include supper.

The three local writers, who will be competing against authors from America as well as throughout the UK are, Chris Jenkins, from Aigburth, Paul McGuire from Ainsdale and Phil McNulty from Southport.

Chris Jenkins
Chris’s entry Digital Age imagines the Beatles all still together in today’s pop world with Ringo as the main songwriter.

Paul Maguire

Paul’s drama Double Fantasy looks at the two dead Beatles looking down on Earth and commenting on the goings on of the two living Beatles who in turn offer their thoughts on their continued existence.

Phil McNulty

While Phil’s Darren and George is an earthy piece about a man trying to calm down a young tearaway with the gentle attitude for which George Harrison, often dubbed the quiet Beatle, was noted.   

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