Friday 28 June 2013

"Paper The Beatles" from Keigo Yasuda

Keigo Yasuda, a film producer, has released his unique film "Paper the Beatles" on YouTube.  The film’s subject is the British rock band The Beatles, who recently marked their 50th anniversary.

"Paper the Beatles" is a stop motion film representing the Beatles by using paper.  The story is Keigo's original, based on images of jam sessions by the band members.  All the objects shown in the film, including the people, musical instruments, equipment, and music studio are made from paper.

Keigo did not use real film images of the Beatles in order to emphasize the uniqueness of his film.

The music used in the film was created exclusively by Yuji Yasuda, Keigo's father, and Naoki Yasuda, Keigo's old brother.

For more information visit the website for this fabulous work at

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