Saturday 15 June 2013

"Photograph" by Ringo Starr - Out Now!


Ringo Starr with Photograph - May 2013
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Ringo Starr’s new ebook, PHOTOGRAPH, a collection of his never-before-seen photographs, is released on June 12 2013 on the iBookstore and

Unseen images taken by Ringo and from his personal archives, accompanied by his audio, text and video captions, are showcased in ‘Photograph’ for the very first time to give unprecedented insight into the life of a Beatle. The ebook is available exclusively on the iBookstore.

‘These are shots that no one else could have.’ – Ringo

p97 - Photograph - Copyright Ringo Starr and Genesis Publications

Ringo shares forgotten photographs and stories of his childhood home, family holidays and all-night parties on his road to stardom. He candidly captures his Beatles bandmates in pensive and playful moments: washing, eating, recording, smoking, drinking and playing monopoly. Pictures of ‘the boys’ are joined by Ringo’s travel photography, taking you inside the car with The Beatles as they toured the world. From the position of a friend, bandmate and skilled photographer, Ringo portrays four lads from Liverpool trying to live normal lives amidst the frenzy that surrounded them. This is the album of Ringo’s life, from his time in hospital, where he played a drum for the first time, to growing up in Liverpool amidst the excitement of the emerging Merseybeat scene, to playing in the biggest band in the world.

‘A good time was had by all in those days.’ – Ringo

p118 - Photograph - Copyright Ringo Starr and Genesis Publications
Readers can pick up and zoom in on 140 photographs as they scroll through Ringo’s memoir, while 69 audio clips narrated by Ringo tell the previously unheard stories behind the photos.  Ringo has also filmed 11 exclusive videos for this ebook, featuring music and animation and new interviews from Ringo Starr. Ringo’s first multimedia edition is a must-have for fans of The Beatles and anyone passionate about modern music.

 p72 - Photograph - Copyright Ringo Starr and Genesis Publications

 Genesis did a great job on my book POSTCARDS FROM THE BOYS – so why would I go anywhere else? I did my first book with the father and now my second with his son.– Ringo 

Genesis Publications have been making fine limited editions since 1974. On the eve of their 40th anniversary, Genesis are delighted to be making their very first ebook, especially with an author that is an integral part of their company history. Using Apple software to bring their designs into the digital dimension, the ebook was created exclusively for the iBookstore. A limited-edition hand-bound book, signed by Ringo Starr, will follow in December 2013. Each copy will benefit The Lotus Foundation.

Ringo Starr's new ebook, Photograph, is brought to you by Genesis Publications. Now available to order from the iBookstore at and, price £9.99

c. Genesis Publications /
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Publication: June 12 2013, price: £9.99 / $12.99 / 11.99 Euro

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About Genesis Publications:

‘It’s an honour to publish Ringo Starr and create a first-ever ebook for Genesis Publications in aid of The Lotus Foundation.’ – Nick Roylance, Genesis Publications

In the late 19th century, under the influence of William Morris, the private press flourished in Britain, creating books that were works of art in themselves. Similarly inspired, Genesis Publications was founded as an independent publishing house true to the arts of printing and craftsmanship. 

In an interview with The New York Times, Genesis’ late founder Brian Roylance commented, ‘I don’t know of many people who go to this much trouble to produce a book anymore. But I think there is a future for it.’ Inspired by this idea, Genesis is proud to create some of the most sought after books in the world.

Authors and contributors who have participated in Genesis limited editions include David Bowie, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Pete Townshend, Yoko Ono, Sir George Martin, Jimmy Page and The Rolling Stones.

Genesis dispatches books to a global community of readers in over 50 countries. Around 100 signed limited editions have been created with renowned authors, as varied as they are many. Their editions feature in the collections of the world’s finest libraries, including New York Public Library’s Rare and Fine Printed Book Department.

Genesis Publications... creators of lushly designed rock photo books.’ – The New York Times

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