Tuesday 1 November 2016

New Release today - Yellow Submarine LEGO® Set

Just what we've always wanted! Just released today, Lego has a new Beatles Yellow Submarine LEGO® set that is sure to be on every Beatle Fan's Christmas wishlist this year.
With this set you can build your very own authentic replica of the Yellow Submarine in LEGO® bricks. It is more than just the submarine. The set includes:
  • 4 mini figures: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, plus a Jeremy figure.
  • The Yellow Submarine features a removable top, cockpit that fits all four Beatles mini figures, four rotating periscopes, two rotating propellers and an adjustable rudder, plus a removable display stand.
  • A minifigure display stand
  • And special accessory elements: John's telescope, Paul's 1x2 ‘Love' tile, Ringo's round 2x2 ‘half a hole' tile, George's submarine motor and Jeremy's apple.

Lego reached out to the BBFC asking that we help spread the word and in exchange they have given us our own BBFC link to help you purchase your own set. Each sale using this dedicated link benefits the club just like our Amazon link. So have a look and if you decide to buy, please use our link to benefit the club.

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