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Bonus Content: Review of Hot Sound Experience and Paul McCartney Out There Concert Echo Arena Liverpool 28-05-2015

This review arrived too late to include in the current magazine so we are sharing it here.  Thanks for sending it in Edward. Edward writes of his experience getting tickets to and attending the Sound Check in Liverpool for Paul's Out There concert.

~ by Edward Gough
Hot Sound Experience is a package consisting of V.I.P. ticket for front rows ( Row F ) and attending Paul McCartney pre show Sound Check Souvenir Out There Concert Pack. Ticket was expensive - £624.00. I questioned ticket provider regarding value for money and profiteering. Ticket provider gave plausible explanation for high prices, but did not justify cost. BUT I just had to see Paul in Liverpool and be near the stage and I happily overpaid to get ticket. I did not regret it.

Hot Sound Experience 28-05-2015. 
  • Staying in Hard Days Night Hotel, I phoned ticket provider at check time of Sound Check. Sound Check time was confirmed as 3.30 p.m. 
  • Arrived at Echo Arena 2.30 p.m. - several keen fans already there.
  • Windy and cold now 3.30 p.m. with many fans from all over the world eager to get into warm Arena to see Paul. 
  • Allowed into Arena 3.30 p.m with lengthy security checks. 200 + fans presented with Hot Sound Experience Gift Souvenir Packages consisting of Out There Backpack programme, lanyard, water bottle, plectrum, bottle of water. 
  • 4.20 p.m. now in concert hall where it is interesting to see so many tour and arena staff preparing arena for fans. 
  • 5.00 p.m. fans impatient to see Paul and wondering why he is so late.
  • Fans are told at 5.10 p.m. that Paul has been delayed due to a road traffic accident in the Mersey Tunnel. 
  • Paul arrives 5.30 p.m. to loud cheering and applause. Paul looks tired and apologises to crowd of 200+ fans and a 100 students from L.I.P.A. Paul says "Time to wake up." Paul tells audience this is a sound check where we play what we like, when we like and said sound check songs are not in show, but did play Lady Madonna in sound check and in show. 
  • Paul and band evidently enjoyed playing and singing the following songs. Audience thoroughly enjoyed hearing them: Honey Don't, Blue Suede Shoes, Paul sang a request from fan, Alligator, Every Night, C Moon, Let me In, Get Back. Bluebird, Penny Lane, strummed UKELELE, Lady Madonna, Midnight Special, It's so easy to fall in love. 
  • Paul acknowledged LI.P.A. students and thanked crowd. 
Objective Review: Great experience worth ticket price.
Subjective Review: FAB .WELL WORTH THE PRICE IN MY OPINION. Paul was on stage for approximately one hour. Fab experience to see Paul perform live and informally in Liverpool to a small lucky crowd. Great event with lasting memories of an unique occasion. Cant Buy Me Love, but money did give me memories and a fabulous unforgettable experience of seeing Paul playing live Sound Check in Liverpool.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Hot off the presses - Issue 55 is now available

Issue 55 has been mailed to all members and is now available for sale in the website shop. It is another fab issue including:
  • The Beatles - A Day In The Life
  • Media Watch
  • Coming Up - Forthcoming Events
  • Ringo Starr Concert Review
  • Paul McCartney ‘Out There’ Tour Reviews
  • Paperback Writers
  • Fab Four on DVD
  • BBFC Offers & Merchandise
  • As I Write This Letter
  • Crap Photo of the Month
To get the magazine, join the BBFC today or visit our shop to buy just this issue.

Shopping with the BBFC just got easier!

The British Beatles Fan club is dedicated to helping our fans discover new books, music and films about the Beatles.  Each issue of our magazine is chock full of reviews of all the new releases with information about how to find those items for purchase.

Today we are launching a new BBFC Beatles Shop where you can easily find load of Beatles related books, DVDs, CDs, vinyl records, and just about anything else related to the Beatles.  The home page of the shop highlights those items reviewed in the most recent issue of our magazine making it easy to do one-stop shopping.  As a bonus, because Amazon host the shop, the BBFC earns a referral royalty with every purchase from the shop helping us to keep membership rates in check.  It is a win-win solution.

All BBFC items including back issues of magazines are still available on our website directly as well.

Happy Shopping!


Link for Early bird ticket opportunity for The Sessions at Abbey Road Musical

If you haven't heard already, on April 1, 2016 there will be a live re-staging of the historic Beatles Abbey Road Recording session at the Royal Albert Hall.  Tickets go on sale publicly Friday morning, but we've been given an Early Bird link for our followers to get tickets starting today.

Link to info about the show
Early Bird Ticket Link for today

Beatles replica Höfner guitars to go on display at the Beatles Story for 3 months

Jubilee Guitar
Guitar brand Höfner has loaned four one-off replica guitars used by Paul McCartney and John Lennon to the award-winning Beatles Story in the Albert Dock as part of their 25th birthday celebrations. 
The 1964 Vintage 500/1 Bass, the Paul McCartney 500/1 Backup Bass, the Jubilee 500/1 Bass and the Club 40 John Lennon re-issue Guitar will go on display in the Paul McCartney and John Lennon solo rooms in the Albert Dock on 12th June.
These incredible items are on loan to the attraction for three months and each guitar tells its own story.
As The Beatles took the world by storm, conquering the USA in early 1964, every bass player wanted a Vintage 500/1 Bass, just like Paul McCartney’s.
The 1964 example of the bass is very similar to Paul McCartney’s. During 1964 Höfner worked hard to try and keep up with demand for the bass and probably sold more examples of the model that year than any before or since.
In 2009 Höfner were commissioned by Paul McCartney to produce a 500/1 Backup Bass for him. The request was for a bass built to the same specifications as his 1963 model that he uses for all concerts and for recording. It was built to exactly the same dimensions and used the same hardware.
Only two of the Backup Basses were made, one of which is of course with Paul, the other is retained by Höfner for very occasional exhibiting such as this. The bass will never be sold and there are no plans to produce any more.
Thirdly, when her Majesty celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in 2012, part of the celebrations included a special Jubilee concert with the headline act being Sir Paul McCartney. Höfner decided that they would produce a Violin Bass with the Union flag sprayed on the top and offer this to Paul for the concert.
Two were made (a backup is always produced) and one of these sent to Paul just before the concert. The photos of Paul McCartney proudly holding the guitar aloft became one of the defining images of the event.
Subsequently a very limited edition of the Jubilee 500/1 Bass was produced and soon sold to collectors worldwide. This bass is the 2nd of the two originally produced. A careful look and you will see just how hurriedly it had to be sprayed in order to meet the deadline for that famous concert! It will never be sold and there are no plans to produce any more.
Lastly, the first electric guitar owned by the legendary John Lennon was a Höfner Club 40, bought on hire purchase from Hessy’s music shop in Liverpool in 1959. Prior to this he had played an acoustic but clearly needed something that could be amplified so he pestered his Aunt Mimi until she agreed to accompany him to buy a guitar. She put down a £17 deposit and co-signed the hire purchase agreement and John came home with a shiny new Höfner.

This guitar is a limited edition (120 examples) re-issue of the 1959 Club 40 as once owned by John. All have a reproduction of John’s signature on the scratchplate. John kept his Club 40 for about one year and then purchased a Rickenbacker “Capri”. He loaned the Club to Paul for a short while and then he sold it, probably in Hamburg. It has never been seen since.
Martin King at the Beatles Story in the Albert Dock said: “The loan by Höfner is an extremely welcome addition to the Beatles Story and the stories behind each guitar will I’m sure be familiar to Beatles fans and keen musicians world-wide.
“Our visitors will just love these. It is particularly fitting that we have them in a few days before Paul McCartney’s 73rd birthday too. The fact that they are so rare and that they will never be made again will really appeal to Beatles superfans. We’d like to thank Höfner for the loan, we are always looking to add to what we have on offer here and this is an incredible addition.”
Nick Wass Marketing Manager at Höfner GmbH said: “We are delighted to have been invited by the Beatles Story to be part of their 25th anniversary celebrations. We have been associated with The Beatles and the great city of Liverpool for many years and it is brilliant to still be part of this wonderful heritage. Happy Birthday from Germany!”
The Höfner guitars will be on display from 15th June until 12th September 2015 in the solo section of the exhibit in the Albert Dock.

BBFC members get new discount at Epstein House in Liverpool

Did you know that when you visit Liverpool it is possible to stay in the house that Brian Epstein lived in? Since 2003, the house Brian lived in with his parents on Anfield Road has been a guest house open to the public and now, our fan club members have another membership perk - 10% discount on accommodation at Epstein House!

It isn't just the history of the house that makes it a special place to stay. There are reminders on display throughout of The Beatles and Brian, including a copy of the public record and other evidence of the house's provenance. They are proud of the their Epstein memorabilia collection, the largest in Europe with a number of people coming every year to see the items.

The three level house offers nine guest rooms, each with its own en-suite facilities. All rooms are en-suite, have tea/coffee making facilities, and are fitted with flat screen televisions offering over 50 TV channels and 24 radio stations. Each room also has hair dryer, iron and free WiFi. There is also a newly remodelled bar perfect relaxing in the evening after a day of sightseeing.

Check out their website and don't forget to mention your BBFC membership when booking to get your discount.  You will need to provide your current membership number.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Don't Miss Beatles Day at The Turks Head Twickenham, Sunday 19th July

The Beatles with an A and the BBFC are hosting Beatles Day at The Turks Head Twickenham, Sunday 19th July.

You won't want to miss a single minute of this fun, family-friendly day celebrating Beatles music and fun at the famous Turks Head Pub. It was at this very pub that the the scene with Ringo playing darts in A Hard Day's Night was filmed. 

Loads of fun including:
  • Live bands (to be announced)
  • Memorabilia stall
  • Beatles walking tour of local Beatles sites
  • Many special guests 
  • Children's face painting 
  • Prize for the best Beatles fancy dress!

Time: 11AM in the morning to 10PM at night. 
Cost: Adults £6 Children £4 . Blue Meanies £10

More info at The Beatles with an A Facebook page or

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Beatle Fan Volunteers needed for Cross the Scan Art Project

The Cross the Scan international art project is the brainchild of two French artists known as “les Nivaux”.

They have painstakingly scanned piece by piece the famous Abbey Road Zebra crossing in London.  The 400 scans when joined together can fully recreate the crossing in any location.  

Beginning in October 2015, the giant image will be installed in famous places of the biggest cities in the world such as Paris, Roma, London, Liverpool, Berlin, Hong Kong, NY, Mexico, Montevideo, Sydney, Tokyo,  and Peking. 

For the project to succeed, they need help.  They are seeking volunteers from all around the world to help to help.  If you are interested, contact them by email or on their Facebook page.

The video below gives more information about the project.
Cross the Scan, Art Project on Abbey Road... by lesnivaux

Retrospectacular June 20 - Your chance to sing like the Beatles!

On Saturday June 20th at The Windmill, Brixton, as part of the popular "Retrospectacular" series of shows, YOU can come sing a Beatles song with a live band.  The year in focus is the year 2000, which may seem incongruous to The Beatles, but as you may remember, the "Beatles 1" album, compiling all of the band's number one hits, was one of the biggest selling albums of the year, and Retrospectacular curator Dan, who for five years fronted the band 4 or 5 Magicians (named after a line from the Magical Mystery Tour film) needed no excuse to finally perform a Beatles set at one of his shows, 50 years on from the year of release of the seminal albums Help! and Rubber Soul.

You can choose from a list of 20 songs and sing your chosen song live with the band on stage.  To sign up to sing, and for more information, please email

Tickets are just £7 and include a free BBQ meal, with veggie and non-veggie options available.  Visit to purchase an advance ticket, or simply buy on the door! 

The full list of available songs (and information of other acts performing on the Friday and Saturday) can be found at

Friday, 5 June 2015

Something new at the Beatles Story - Check it Out!

Little Stevie Wonder’s Cavern Club contract and 60’s
memorabilia goes on display at the Beatles Story
Little Stevie Wonder’s contract to play at the Cavern Club has been loaned to the award-winning Beatles Story in the Albert Dock.
The incredible artefact is dated 7 January 1966, when Stevie was aged just 16 and embarking on his amazing journey to success.
Dave Jones, director of Cavern City Tours, with the newly installed Cavern Club memorabilia at the Beatles Story
Pieces of original Beatles merchandise that were sold at the Cavern Club in the early 1960’s have also been loaned to the tourist attraction by Cavern City Tours and are now on display. 
The Cavern Club memorabilia has been re-homed for Beatles enthusiasts to see what was on offer during the height of Beatlemania. The selection of original merchandise includes a Cavern Club pendant and leather chain, a  PVC membership holder, an autograph book and a Cavern Club t-shirt. 
Amongst the 12 pieces of merchandise is the original price list which has been included to give visitors to the world famous attraction an understanding of the cost of items on sale over half a century ago.
Another rare artefact that Cavern City Tours has loaned is one of the Beatles Yellow Submarine 33c stamps - believed to be the first American stamp produced in honour of a rock group. The stamp was launched to celebrate the rerelease of the animated film Yellow Submarine at International Beatles week in Liverpool in 1999.
Dave Jones, company director of Cavern City Tours, has also loaned some NEMS (North End Music Stores) items from his own private collection. These include a typed letter to Bob Wooler on NEMS letterhead signed by Brian Epstein dated August 1963, an original 78 vinyl record sleeve with NEMS Walton Road printed on the sleeve and a red and white plastic record sleeve for albums with the addresses of the NEMS Whitechapel and Great Charlotte Street stores printed on it.
Martin King at the Beatles Story in the Albert Dock said: “The loan by Cavern City Tours and by Dave Jones is greatly appreciated by everyone here at the Beatles Story and I am sure the same can be said for the visitors of the exhibition. The Cavern memorabilia and NEMS items will be of great interest to all Beatles fans, both young and old, and the stamp is a rare piece we have not seen before so will I’m sure be a popular piece for our visitors.
“The Little Stevie Wonder contract is a fantastic addition to our attraction and we are very grateful to Cavern City Tours for loaning this to us. We are always looking to add to what we have on display to offer visitors something more and these are all extremely welcome additions.”
Dave Jones, company director of Cavern City Tours, who loaned the artefacts, said: “The Cavern Club collection of artefacts includes a considerable number of items dating from 1957 to the present day.
“As part of The Cavern Club's close working relationship with our colleagues at the Beatles Story we have loaned the exhibition a number of items from the 'Cavern Collection' for display in the exhibition's recreation of the Cavern Club.
“From 1962 onwards The Cavern Club came into the national and international spotlight as a result of The Beatles growing recording success. Many other bands and artists from Britain and the U.S.A wanting to be part of The Cavern Club story started to appear at the Club. One such artist was Little Stevie Wonder whose contract to appear at The Cavern Club can also be seen on display at the Beatles Story.”
All the memorabilia, including the original merchandise, the Beatles U.S postal stamp and Little Stevie Wonder’s contract is now on display in the Beatles Story exhibition’s Cavern Club section.


Annerin Productions Presents
Tickets for the International hit show that celebrates the music of The Beatles are now on sale in their hometown of Liverpool. Direct from London’s West End, LET IT BE will officially re-launch the multi-million pound refurbishment of the Royal Court Theatre and run for 5½ weeks from Thursday 8 October – Saturday 14 November 2015. The dates also coincides with John Lennon’s 75th birthday on Friday 9th October, the first year with a switch in focus to celebrate his life and musical contribution.
The smash hit show that established itself as one of the West End’s most popular shows when the production originally opened at the Prince of Wales Theatre in September 2012, where it recouped its initial investment after just 18 weeks before transferring for a year-long run at the Savoy Theatre from January 2013 – February 2014.  The show has recently returned to the West End for an 8 month run at the Garrick Theatre.
Seen by over 1 million people worldwide, LET IT BE continues to delight audiences across the globe, having recently performed to audiences in Germany, Japan, Moscow, and France.  LET IT BE showcases the music of the world’s most successful rock ‘n’ roll band, in a spectacular concert charting the band’s meteoric rise from their humble beginnings in Liverpool’s Cavern Club, through the height of Beatlemania, to their later studio masterpieces. 
The show is packed with over forty of The Beatles’ greatest hits including: Twist and Shout, She Loves You and Drive My Car, as well as global mega-hits Yesterday, Hey Jude, Come Together and, of course, Let It Be.  Travel back to the magical sixties when all you needed was love, and a little help from your friends!
The music defined a generation, captured the hearts and ideals of millions, and now you can relive the memories in the city where it all began as Annerin Productions bring LET IT BE to Liverpool.
Jeff Parry from Annerin Productions said: I could not have dreamed as a nine year old living in Canada, having received my first Beatles album that I would be producing a show about the band in their hometown 51 years later.   Destiny has some strange coincidences. 
“Having been a Beatles fan since a young age I studied the origins of the Beatles and Liverpool.   I have visited Liverpool many times, most recently when "LET IT BE" played at the Empire Theatre.   I was overwhelmed with the Liverpudlians show of support and thanks to me for being part of the creation of the West End show.   To say the least, "LET IT BE" is helping to keep the music of the Beatles alive throughout the world and I am honoured to be bringing the show back to Liverpool.”
The show will officially launch the completion of a £2.8m refurbishment of the Royal Court.  This will give audiences the chance to see the new foyer, box office, circle bar and terrace.  There will also be improved access with a lift to all floors.
Kevin Fearon, Chief Executive of Royal Court Liverpool, added: “We announce some 8 or so shows each year but none has been so exciting or as important for the Royal Court as LET IT BE. This autumn we will complete Phase 2 of our refurbishment works and I can't think of a better show to mark this with.  Our exciting building works have been a key part in attracting LET IT BE to play for 5 weeks in Liverpool - the first time this has happened outside of a capital city.  LET IT BE marks a step up for Liverpool's Royal Court and the future looks very exciting.”
Twitter @LetItBeLpool
LET IT BE – A Celebration Of The Music Of The Beatles
Royal Court Liverpool
Thursday, 8 October – Saturday, 14 November, 2015
Tue - Fri Evening Performances: 8pm, Sat and Sun Mat 2pm and Sun 7pm.
Tickets: From £21 - £31*
Preview performances: All seats £21* (8-11 Oct)
Group Rates: 20+ Tickets - All seats £21* (Tue-Fri Evenings)
*Inc £1 theatre restoration levy
To book tickets call Royal Court Liverpool on 0151 709 4321, online at or in person at the Royal Court Box Office from 10am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday.  (Booking and handling fees may apply)
Tickets can also be purchased from TicketQuarter on 0844 8000 410 online at or in person at Queen Square, Liverpool City Centre. (Booking and handling fees may apply)
Royal Court Liverpool
1 Roe Street
L1 1HL
0151 709 4321